6" detail drawings [pdF|DWG]

D.1.6 [PDF | DWG]
Wall to Footing Connection Detail

D.2.6 [PDF | DWG]
Floor Ledger with Anchor Bolts

D.3.6 [PDF | DWG]
Floor Joist and Ledger Connectors

D.4.6 [PDF | DWG]
Floor Joist for Wood Stud Main Floor

D.5.6 [PDF | DWG]
Brick Angle Ledge Detail - Top of Wall

D.5.6A [PDF | DWG]
Brick Angle Ledge Detail - Intermediate height

D.6.6 [PDF | DWG]
Beam Pocket Details

D.7.6 [PDF | DWG]
Full Detail Column Footings to Underside of Beam

D.8.6 [PDF | DWG]
Opening Detail

D.9.6 [PDF | DWG]
Typical Corner Detail

D.10.6 [PDF | DWG]
Typical "T" Wall Connection

D.11.6 [PDF | DWG]
SIP Wall Connection

D.12.6 [PDF | DWG]
SIP Wall Connection with Concrete Slab

D.13.6 [PDF | DWG]
Brick Ledge Detail

D.14.6 [PDF | DWG]
Floor Ledge Detail

D.14.6A [PDF | DWG]
Floor Ledge Detail Plan View

D.14.6B [PDF | DWG]
Floor Truss Ledge Detail

D.15.6 [PDF | DWG]
Precast Concrete Floor Detail


6in Brick Ledge Block [DWG]
6in Double Taper Top Block [DWG]
6in Height Adjuster Block [DWG]
6in Left 45 Corner Block [DWG]
6in Left Corner Block [DWG]
6in Right 45 Corner Block [DWG]
6in Right Corner Block [DWG]
6in Standard Block [DWG]
24SM052413a 6in Tee Sht [DWG]


S.1.6 [PDF | DWG]
Knee or Pony Wall

S.2.6 [PDF | DWG]
Foundation and main Floor

S.3.6 [PDF | DWG]
Foundation and Wood Stud Main

S.4.6 [PDF | DWG]
Frost Wall

S.5.6 [PDF | DWG]
Foundation, Main, 2nd Floor

S.6.6 [PDF | DWG]
Full Height Frost Wall

S.6.8 [PDF]
Full Height Frost Wall

S.7.6 [PDF | DWG]
Brick Ledge Detail 6" to 6" Walls