Recognizing the superior results that Insulating Concrete Forms provided to the building industry, the Advantage Insulating Concrete Forming System was founded in the early 1990’s as an Insulating Concrete Form distributor and construction company dedicated to the growth of ICF’s through training and product service.

Although most ICF’s at that time were adequate, the need for an ICF that could address the rigors of internal vibration was lacking in the growing industry. The available ICF’s recommended external vibration for the consolidation of the concrete, this caused significantly higher occurrences of voids causing structural problems and concerns. The innovative and patented Advantage Insulating Concrete Forming System was developed, with the design criteria that insisted on proven internal vibration methods currently being used in other concrete forming. User friendly interlock that kept the fastening strips aligned and project friendly dimensional changes heralded in the next generation of ICF’s.

The Advantage Insulating Concrete Forming System then aligned with Plasti-Fab Ltd. part of the PFB Corporation, because of their unsurpassed expertise in Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) technology. Plasti-Fab’s experience in EPS product engineering, testing, manufacturing and distribution gave the Advantage Insulating Concrete Forming System the quality needed to succeed.

Plasti Fab Ltd. and Advantage Insulating Concrete Forms formally merged in 2003. Now into its second decade of proven success, Advantage Insulating Concrete Forms have been used extensively in the residential, commercial and industrial construction through out North America.